Mountain Range

So it’s been a few days of my journey so far. I have to say I still don’t have 100% clarity of the plan, but I do know that I’m getting close. Many don’t understand the plethora of challenges one faces when starting life over again. I’m so blessed in my friends, family and colleagues […]

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New Phase

Today I am about to embark on a new phase of my journey. I have to say this phase is a little unnerving, but I am stepping out. Throughout the process of my life, especially the last 5 years the word challenge is an understatement. With every challenge comes blessings when you get to the […]

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In the process of self-discovery, one finds that they never really achieve that satisfaction they were pursuing.  Many seek enlightenment, inner peace, and even Nirvana only to come up empty-handed.  In the photos above Scott Mutter portrays this reflective imagery of peace, curiosity, and even frustration.  These images can reflect how we go about our lives journey. […]

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The Grit

In the process of producing these blogs, I feel it wouldn’t be right to not give the whole picture of this journey.  Since I have come home in October I have been faced with many challenges as well as an abundance of blessings.  I want to share with you what has been weighing on my heart […]

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Fear what an interesting word.  I guess I tend to over analyze things.  When someone uses a word or a phrase that stands out.  I stop and contemplate why they used that.  Just like the other day when “human” was used.  I found it interesting.  Not that it had a hidden meaning or an undercurrent […]

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